Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To-Do List: Tuesday, April 12th

Move all perennials to correct benches and set up galvanized sign thingys

Talk Winnie out of wearing queen outfit to school

Clean up potting bench i.e., get rid of all the childrens' sweatshirts, shoes and silly bands that have inexplicably communed there

Catch up on...oh, around 17 loads of laundry

Finish ginormous custom order for which I have run out of inspiration 
(7 HUGE shade containers, anyone?)

Meet new client at noon (more inspiration will surely come)

Remember leftovers since there won't be time for lunch

Do NOT forget to pick up either of my children from school

Place order for organic fertilizers 

Price pottery

Church Committee meeting tonight, after which  I will drag my sister to the greenhouse to continue setting up our new garden store, after which she will seek therapy for having been subjected to several hours of my un-medicated A.D.D.

Remove braces from newly-poured concrete counter-top

Design artwork (maybe hanging bud vases?) for behind check-out

Try not to slit my wrists after learning it might snow Sunday

Water all seven greenhouses, but not too much since it's cloudy

Call Doctor about A.D.D
The End.