Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today a madman came to my door. I wasn't sure what he wanted and was hesitant to open it-I do so loathe solicitors, but what could he be peddling, I thought? Sunglasses designed to wear over one's hat? Spray-on beard snow? Was he only pretending to sell fancy track suits in order to get a glimpse of my Goodwill nightgown? Only a certifiably insane person would dare to commit such heinous acts in the dead of winter. It reminded me of someone I know....oh yes, my husband, whose claim to fame in certain Atlanta circles is having been seen running in a hurricane.

Speaking of hurricanes, what the h happened to my house while we were busy being sick and having snow days? I can't believe it had the nerve to get messy again. I turn my back for two weeks, and just like that, what do you know, I have to dust again. Can't a girl catch a break?

As soon as I've finished picking up the pieces from this latest calamity, I'll be back with some juicy bits of prose for your reading pleasure, all of them mostly true. Until then, I encourage you all to be vigilant: you never know who's going to show up at your door, wanting to be let in.


Deborah said...

Facial hair?!?!

Your Baby Booty said...

You have a certifiable wintry wonderland out your back (or front)door...gorge.

Momma Shoe said...

That's quite a beard your hubby has grown, in what- about a week and a half? Is that not when I saw you both last? Impressive...and I just love spray-on beard snow. It just screams winter:)
I'm totally feelin your pain on the sickness/snow day mess. Amen, sister. Hang in there:)

gnily said...

Yes! That was me! He was running in Hurricane Ivan, probably because he could run faster than the traffic and because he is also a total Bad A.