Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's like Buttah

I'll begin with this: I know that for many of you out there, when I say "Justin", you say "Timberlake", which makes perfect sense, given the teen dream-turned-leading-man's chops. He's funny, he can sing, and--let's face it, he's a dish. But pretend for a moment that 'N Sync never happened. Imagine, if you dare, that Sexy never got brought back-could there be room for another Justin in your life?

I think yes. Enter Justin's Nut Butter. Have you tried it? You can get it lots of places, and you should because it's exquisite. Plain and simple. Think small-batch peanut, almond, and hazelnut butters made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Available in individual "squeeze" packets, and in jars so you can go to town on your favorite flavor with a spoon, or, I suppose, spread on a sandwich if you've any self-control.

In our house, we fancy Justin's Maple Almond most of all--it is perfectly (not too) sweet, with a luxurious texture, and bits of sea salt throughout. I started with squeeze-packs but moved on to buying jars-which, it should be said, are not in the price range of conventional peanut butters--in fact, the average cost of a jar of Justin's is around $9.95. But before y'all go running for the familiar hills of Jif and Skippy, let me ask you something: aren't some products worth more? Especially one that is so thoughtfully prepared and delicious? Buy a squeeze pack if you need proof-but trust me: it won't be long before you're kneading and squeezing your way to the full-size version.

Last Monday was National Peanut Butter Day, and to celebrate, the people of Justin's posted a contest on their Official Facebook Page, inviting fans to describe "the most creative way they've eaten Justin's this week". Well, naturally, I entered, and......guess what? I won! My prize was a 4-pack of Justin's and it was truly like a little Fed-Exed manna from heaven. Not only was I able to try a new flavor or two, but my pantry was fortified for the re-creation of the sandwich I'd made that was, apparently, the most creative use of Justin's.

Isn't it fun to be rewarded for really loving something? Thanks, Justin's! I pinky swear you're the only Justin in my life. So what if you can't rock a denim tuxedo/raging falsetto like that other guy--you make a mean nut butter and have yet to cause a wardrobe malfunction--unless you count having to loosen my belt after tossing back too many of these bad boys:

New Wave Fluffernutter
Take two slices homemade challah
Spread one side with Justin's
On the other side a schmear of honey and fig goat cheese (or Marshmallow Fluff if you're a purist) 
Add thinly-sliced banana
Drizzle with honey
Put the halves together
Toast in a buttery skillet
Sprinkle with sea salt and demerara sugar
Totally Elvis-worthy, don't you think?

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Dannette said...

Please tell me that you eat this sandwich and your kids turn up their nose and ask for "normal" food ... just so I know I'm not alone in my kids dyslexic food snobbery.