Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guess what? 
Chicken Butt. 
Sorry, it's just that I am really bored. Stuck in the middle of the Snowpocalypse/Ice Infestation and with some sort of horrific illness to boot. The kind of sick where nothing sounds appealing except the delivery of a Craftmatic Adjustable bed with a side of trashy magazines, which I'd only barely read in a semi-conscious stupor. The gossip, the fashion don'ts, the little snippets of non-useful information...they're so delicious in times like these. And a remote-control bed is always in fashion, right? Especially when there's a hot broad in it who hasn't brushed her teeth in a few days.

Last night, during the second round of freezing rain was when we lost this whole gigantic part of our tree. I was languishing in my non-adjustable bed when I heard things sliding and popping and cracking and having watched just a wee bit of the movie Signs in the afternoon, I was fairly certain the aliens were coming. I had to put my pillow over my head to wait it out till morning. Quite fitfully, I might add.

Well, shoot. Boo on this whole week that was sposed (I'm sick, just let me spell it like that) to be uber-productive. I only have another 10 days or so before I'm in the greenhouse planting every day, and I had some big things I wanted to accomplish, including lose 10 pounds. Now how can I be expected to accomplish any of this in the face of inclement weather and illness? I guess the one good thing to come out of these recent events is how easy it is to moonwalk on one's driveway, what with all the ice,  and if you're into that sort of thing. Which--who wouldn't be?

I've just received word from the family room that the littlest of us is sick, too. She is now prostrate on the mid-century Naugahyde mewing for new episodes of Max and Ruby, so thank you Jesus that the power did not go out. Because Lord knows I am not even remotely up to any style of parenting today other than 100% passive. Please tell me y'all have been there.


Amy G. said...

I've totally been there. Here's hoping your little one stays equally passive as you while ya'll are sick and totally low maintenance as well.

Kristine said...

oh yeah, sister...been there! hope u feel better soon

Jeanne said...

Oh, yeah, every mother has been there. I had 3 and was in the bed for a week. Good thing the kids were satisfied sitting in front of the TV watching Disney movies over and over.

Are they asking you "what's for dinner" yet? Feel better soon.

Other People's Chicken said...

Thanks for the love, guys. I'm on the mend, finally!