Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2010 Holiday Wrap-Up: Christmas Photo Post

A pink tree for a pink lady.

The countdown chalkboard featuring a garland of all the ornaments the children have made, ever, plus thirty pounds of glitter on the floor underneath.
Christmas Eve: I lit all the candles and glitteredmy whole house. Good thing I don't own a bedazzler.

I don't know what the big deal is with fake snow. I think it's a holiday must, but some people, who will remain nameless, had to stop mid-Christmas-morning and vacuum. But, like I've said, crazy doesn't take a holiday, now, does it?

Does anyone in my family even appreciate my wrapping job? I was happy to be able to use some old wallpaper, so I made Joshua hold it up for a glamour shot. 
 Tutu alert.
A bench built by my hubs. Old window wells plus wood from my grandfather's office. 

It was merry and bright, but now we're done, right? You may all now officially begin your New Year by kissing your neighbor. Don't be surprised if he/she responds with alarm.

I will commence by resuming my regularly-scheduled progamming, except more often, k?


mama sarah said...

Tell your 'hubs' great job on the bench! I love it!

Also, I am loving the idea of a garland full of the homemade ornaments... With 3 kids, I end up with A LOT of them & I love them all. I actually like them on the tree, but they get lost among the branches and other, more outrageous (read: bright &shiny & sparkly), ornaments. I would love to do this and have theirs on display. Thanks for the idea! Hopefully I'll remember this in 11 months ;)

Dannette said...

I have nothing to say except, "You rock." I heart your blog! OK ... clearly I had more to say. :-)

Deborah said...

WHY ARE YOUR KIDS SO HUGE?? If I come back to Ohio in '11, can I please come pinch them before they grow any further??