Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Well, if I had known you were coming over, I'd have baked a bundt cake.

That seemed like the right thing to say.

Yes, I knew there was a chance my story would get posted on Design Mom, I mean, after all-I submitted it myself.  But- I thought there might be some sort of advance notice, or official invitation/letter of acceptance.  Like maybe a little bird would show up on my windowsill with a teeny-tiny letter rolled up like a scroll in its beak. Or, you know, an email. With a confirmation number.

But then I would have been anxious, and spent all day cleaning, trying to make my blog look all cute and stuff. So, here we are, me and my stories-and you've shown up... and even though I am actually wildly self-conscious, I am throwing my arms into the air and welcoming you in a big, booming, BIENVENIDOS kind of way, despite the fact that I feel quite unkempt and in no state to take on houseguests. Certainly not on Cinco de Mayo. Can I offer you a half-eaten cannoli?

Still: don't chance gatherings make the nicest sort of parties? Nobody's had time yet to overthink their tablescape or agonize over the seating arrangements. You just let the chips and dips fall where they may, and it's all just sort of randomly beautiful-- and awkward, too. Sometimes.

So this is my blog. It started as a way for me to chronicle how my husband and I had this wild and crazy idea to move our family to another state, buy a greenhouse and farmhouse on seven acres, and basically just start from scratch in a completely new career: growing flowers. And I suppose it still is that, because we still have that life, the country life, but we've held on to our old life, too, in the city, and even as I'm writing this, I don't know which is my old life and which is my new life-just that everything is changing and writing is the only way for me to keep from being overwhelmed by emotional whiplash. And, I'm also much better at being funny on paper than I am in person. Whenever I attempt a joke at a party, some people get up to refill their drinks, others throw themselves off the nearest fire escape. When I write, though, there's no punchline to screw up. There's just a story. Here is what happened, and what it felt like. Sometimes it's funny. Often, it's sad. The thing about writing is, there's always an emotional vein open, I think.

And that's pretty much what I do. I just write. Sometimes, I try to take pictures and post them in all their artistic glory, but mostly I am a horrible photographer and can't tear myself away from the moment to capture it on film for all eternity. I'm lucky I have a good memory, because  someday, my children will want me to describe what they looked like as...children.

And one more thing-that post about my sister's baby. I really love him. I had never been present for a birth before-other than those of my own two children-and being there for his grand entrance really sealed the deal on him being one of my all-time favorite people in the world. And I'm so glad my sister is able to accept me and all my wacky, hiding-in-the-bathroom-during-her-labor schemes. She is 100% awesome.

So, thank you for stopping by. Hopefully, next time you come over I won't talk about myself so much. xoxo


Anonymous said...

Well, I think those of us who stumbled upon your blog don't need a bundt cake or even chips and salsa. :) We were just happy the story you submitted was posted.

Andrea said...

Oh, my. I am so pleased to make your acquaintance. I will definitely be back, and I do like a good bundt cake, so...

p.s. Your line about not being funny in real life made me smile - in a "yep, I feel ya" sort of way. Unless I write it down, no one understands what I'm talking about, or that I'm being sarcastic. Guess I was meant to live as a hermit, with the internet as my only link to society.

Gracie73 said...

I have this rule....I like people until they give me good reason not to. So, pretend you've known me for years, that I've stopped by with a bundt cake for you in exchange for your hilarious stories!! I am ALL about the details when it comes to a story.....I love how you write and your wit and humor are just hysterical!

You and your sister remind me of my sister & I. I'm like you in the regard that I really like to be silly, love to laugh, love to share stories, etc. and I had the great experience of being with my sister in the delivery room up and until the point she needed to push as she too, is prudent/shy. I only wish I had hid in the bathroom!

I thoroughly enjoyed your story and your page has officially been bookmarked! :) Cheers!

Claire said...

Dahling, I always laugh at your jokes even if I'm not drinking. You're a doll...keep writing, keep believing, and know that one day you will look back on this turmoil and say OH HELL YES, look what I made it through! (eventually I'll tell you how I know this.) Love to you and yours....claire

Team Legiope said...

Wait, I have to share you? What do you think this will do to the smug self-satisfaction I get from reading your brilliant blog?

Anne said...

So glad that Design Mom introduced me to you! Your writing is brilliant and zesty-- I love it. And your life sounds so inspiring-- we hope to make a similar leap in the next year or two. Definitely adding you to my feed!

michael moebes, esq. said...

I was hoping for chocolate. Crap.

Other People's Chicken said...

Thank you one and all for stopping by, even if things are in disarray...
I am so pleased to meet you: Andrea, Gracie, and sweet Anonymous.
Claire-thank you for thinking I'm funny! I think you're funny, too.
Team Legiope, I guess we can pretend it's still just you and me?
And Michael, I'm sorry I didn't put out the candy dish for you. Next time?