Monday, April 26, 2010

Militant Diapers for Social Change

It was a rainy Saturday morning: we all piled in the car to head for our school's annual Fun Run, a campus-wide effort consisting of hundreds of children, and some adults, running en mass for a good cause. This year's money goes right to The Leogane Relief Fund, which was formed to aid in rebuilding our sister schools in Haiti: St. Jean Baptist, St. Mathieu, and St. Margeurite. As we got close to the entrance, we had the following "teachable moment".  How do you think it went?

Son, age seven: Hey Mom, do you think Dad can run as fast as a car?

Me: Dad can absoLUTELY run  as fast as a car!

Husband (kind of Ward Cleaver-ish): Well, son, that depends on how fast that car is going.

Me: Daddy can run at least as fast as we're going now. Honey, slow down. See?

Husband: Actually, guys, I don't think you realize how fast this would be on foot. It's impossible.

Me: No it isn't. Don't you remember that guy from the Olympics who was like the fastest man on   
earth? Carl Lewis. Carl "The Cheetah" Lewis. Yes, that's right. He was going at least 55 from where I was.

Husband: Which was on the couch. And I don't think they called him "The Cheetah."

Son (accusingly): Yeah, Mom. Dad's right. I think the animal you're thinking of is a big black cat. That likes fish.

Me: A Panther?

Son: Yeah, a Pamper. A Black Pamper.

Daughter, age four: I'm a Sister Pamper! And you're the Mommy Pamper!

Husband (bewildered): How does this happen?

Me: Just go with it.


Anonymous said...

Now that's poetic imagery ... a fast running Pamper. nice.

Deborah said...

AWE. Some. Awesome.

jen said...

hilarious :) (your sister passed along your blog addy to me... and im loving it!!)