Friday, February 5, 2010


Last Friday,  my whirlwind week (the bangs!) culminated in the semi-annual art sale and fashion show benefiting my children's school. I love this event--held in the grand ballroom of the Atlanta Biltmore Hotel, it has the potential to be just another ladies-who-lunch situation, but the clever women who put it on make sure there's something for everyone: fresh spring fashions with the right amount of edge, inspired jewelry that's made locally, and art that can leave a girl breathless. Yes, there was quiche, but when it's served with a side of hip-hop and a banana pudding chaser, there's nothing cliche about it.

The clothes: My husband and I both walked the runway-he was, as usual, the quintessential ham, and while I tried really hard to channel the Freja Erichsen within, I couldn't decide what to do with my face. Do I smile at familiar faces in the crowd? Or try to look dead, hence giving glory to the outfit? The only advice I got from the director was to "pop it", so ultimately, my face did its own thing while I concentrated on not throwing a shoe, and....popping it. (?) Some wardrobe highlights:  a new word-jeggings. Denim leggings from J. Brand. Great under tunics or dresses too short for the modest among us. If jeggings seem like a stretch, at least can we admire this just-in-time-for-Valentine's wrap top?  Although I have to say it, I think I might like this style a little better.

am i popping it?

Like playing dress-up, it was. Makeup (thank you Rameda!) and hair and helpful people with double-sided tape. And I mentioned the pudding, right? Do you think real models eat two desserts after a big show? What about the cheese tray in the dressing room? Because I was totally all over that.
What fun...though I have to say, I do find my regular life most satisfying. With my Goodwill boots and lived-in jeans and puffy black vest from Sears. Not worrying about what to do with my face, or why my makeup isn't coming off even though I've had a bath AND a shower and holy moses what if they tattooed this stuff know, those sorts of worries. I'm okay without those.

But this:

I'm glad that my non-model life includes this right here. 100% hunk.

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Deborah said...

You two always make me laugh. If only we could sell this ridiculous house and move closer to you...