Saturday, January 23, 2010

Christmas Recap: the Finale

I think I may have mentioned that our holidays were indeed delightful-and it's been a few weeks since I looked at these shots-but I ask you-
did your Christmas morning include a Cleopatra headdress? If not, you'll have to try for better behavior next year. Santa's already started his list, you know.

On the giving front, my favorite present was this blogosphere-themed gift for my sister-one of three packages paying tribute to all that's beautiful on the web. Inside the NieNie-themed box, a sweet email and gift certificate for custom silhouettes made by the lovely Stephanie Nielson.

Presents by the fire + mismatched jammies =comfort and joy.

The Yankee Swap: my mother-in-law purges her unwanted housewares and we all draw numbers to compete for the best loot. I was in possession of each of the following at various points in the evening: Double-decker cookie plate, Snuggie, book on art history, and finally, a collapsible lollipop tree, lollipops included.

Doubling down on shades for the ride home. Family tradition: everyone in the car gets a circus peanut each time we cross a state line. The back end of this trip was very peanut-heavy. Also in abundance? Super-cheap organic groceries from Ben Beiler's, an Amish scratch-and-dent supermarket with prices so low we couldn't resist ditching I-81 for the side trip. Besides ten-cent Annie's Mac and Cheese, bonuses include real horse-and-buggies and the occasional peacock sighting.

How we keep the love alive: get a flat tire, and while waiting to have it repaired, snag some free coffee from the bank. Then, mosey on over to the feed store and impulse-buy some new boots. All-kidding aside, this is HOT. My husband, buying off-the-rack, water-proof footwear for me at RETAIL.
Oh-and yes, I do realize some elbow-length gloves would have been appropriate here.

Not pictured: singing Silent Night by candlelight, Jeni's ice cream tied to the roof rack,  the $25 teething toy my mom and dad got suckered into buying for my nephew that is, apparently, worth every penny, and several rounds of grown-up brothers wrestling the very breath from one another.
The End.

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