Friday, November 13, 2009

A Combo Platter

Last night, because he is awesome, my husband presented me with the hottest ticket in town: a seat for the local production of Grease, which has been sold-out for a while and is, incidentally, the first show of its kind in the last seven years that he has not directed. Which meant he was able to stay at home and assist with homework, complete the childrens' bedtime rituals, then spend the remainder of the evening  picking pieces of Playmobil out of the upstairs carpet. I, on the other hand, had a date with myself and it was lovely, thank you for asking,  except for the part where I couldn't find a decent parking space and had to run, in heels to make the opening curtain (very SJP of me), during which I dropped my chap stick (tinted) and my Sees Candy Cafe Latte Lollipop, the latter of which I discovered on the sidewalk after the show, partially unwrapped and with a large chunk missing. As in, a gigundo rat got to it. All I can say is, I hope the wretched beast is lying dead somewhere after having choked to death on what was supposed to be my dinner-I guess I can martyr my meal so long as there's one less rodent on the city streets.

Which brings me to my next point: fur. Are we wearing fur? I found this coat at Goodwill for $18.50- a perfect fit, and really well-made.  It is so fun to wear, but here's the rub: part of it used to be alive. Now, it's vintage, so it's not like I went out first thingthis morning and killed myself a bunny, so... could we just look at this as my way of celebrating this rabbit's life? Vive la lapin!

I will say, though, things were a little awkward during my morning coffee run at Whole Foods. Irony=shopping for Tofurkey whilst wearing a dead animal.

 And finally, while editing some random mobile uploads, I came across these two photos and was--well, tickled, as my grandmother would say, at how well they illustrate our resemblance. Winnie. My mini-me. We even vamp for the camera the same way. It was, hands-down, the week's sweetest discovery.  That, and the one remaining pumpkin whoopie pie I found in the back of the fridge.

Also of note: look how HUGE my hand looks holding that iphone! It's the CLAW! In truth, it took almost more coordination than was reasonable to hold the dang thing and push the little button to take the picture. Thus, immediately after this shot, I dropped the phone on the floor.

Then I went to bed. 

The End.

The show was lovely, by the way. Lots of stand-out performances, great costumes, fabulous band: bravo!


Deborah said...

Are there even words for how fabulous and GROWN UP she looks in that costume? And how impossibly slender YOU look in your claw picture??

Chief Chick said...

Believe it or not, I didn't even use the "slenderize" tool in photo editor. I suppose, after all these years reading junk magazines, I've finally learned to pose like a starlet. It's all in the angles, baby.