Monday, October 12, 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses

Afternoon phone call:

Me: Is it wrong that while I lounge in bed with my shoes on, eating pistachio gelato and reading a novel, our children are next door in the care of someone else's nanny?
Him: There are several things wrong in that sentence. 
Me: I mean, is it neglectful?
Him: Only if something bad happens to them over there.
Me: Like, say, they get crushed in a toy avalanche?
Him: That wouldn't happen.
Me: You haven't been in their basement. Wall to wall Barbies.
Him: You should have made them wear helmets.
Me: What's wrong with us? We toys!
Him: We have marbles.
Me: It's hard to stockpile marbles.
Him: But it's easy to trip on them.
Me: Why does that make me feel better? 


Deborah said...

Fear not: when the scary neighbor comes home, he'll have the nanny dig the children out before he hits the sofa. All is well.

Pistachio gelato? Bring it over thisa way!

Megan said...

Hi, The shirt sounds cute! Am I the first to respond?

Chief Chick said...

Yes, Megan! Lucky you. If you leave me your email in the next comment we can take it offline so's not to attract any strange rangers by divulging our real identities or addresses. As soon as I get your email I'll take it down and we can iron out the details. Congrats!