Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scratching the surface

I promise that if I had a keyboard surgically implanted in my thigh I would post more often-pausing whenever the whim struck to chronicle the goings-on of our new life, which pile up like loose-leaf paper and blow away every time I turn around to get started on another to-do...all these bits of delicious detail I find amusing and want to share but can't because right now I am in Greenhouse Grand Central, an all-hands-on-deck situation that requires my complete attention, so I tuck away the snippets and hope I remember to remember them, maybe even write them. But. You know how it goes-you spend all day on the farm, you get distracted. Take today, for example. Aside from ringing up customers, there was all that merchandise I found in the back to sell: organic fertilizer, bamboo stakes, garden trowels-it had to be dragged out and priced and displayed and thank goodness I found some old crates at the Senior Center Yard Sale last week is all I'm saying. Very farmhouse chic. I had THREE wholesale walk-in orders to pull, one custom container to complete, a meeting and site assessment with the Solar/Wind Energy guy, two big phone calls, an ad consultation, garden issues, and somewhere in there I set up a Playmobil scene for our little boy complete with dueling castles and a rolling battle tower, which he abandoned far earlier than was necessary in order to set up an asparagus stand, a short-lived enterprise that involved two freshly plucked stalks and a pair of unsuspecting patrons kind enough to dig right in and pronounce the crop delicious. And did I mention the watering? THE WATERING. Even though we're down to the nitty gritty and not much material is left, we still have to get to all seven houses and soak what's there, sometimes three times a day. So, all day I'd planned on posting, getting some of this down, but once it hit 115 degrees inside Greenhouse Five I think something opened up in my brain and all my stories fell out, because by the time we got home, had dinner, balanced the books, walked the kids to the library, and made six jars of jam, I could scarcely recollect a single thing I'd wanted to write-ALMOST....except, these two pieces of information:
  1. Baked Bean Accident: our trip up here was fraught with drama-flat tires, migraines, I think there was throw-up; but how's this for a little human interest/slice of Americana: A jack-knifed rig on I-75 carrying ONLY Bush's Baked Beans. As in, cans of baked beans EVERYWHERE. This is once-in-a lifetime stuff, guys.
  2. My children had their first real-life little-person interaction today, meaning, they encountered a dwarf whose first name did not correspond with his or her mood/stocking cap. It did not go well. There was a bit of a whipping around of the head situation and some breaching of outside vs. inside-voice protocol. Which was weird because we WERE outside, yet the inside voice was still too loud. Suggestions?


Deborah said...

Dear heavens, woman! I thought I was super duper busy--that sounds like crazy cakes up there! SO, SO, SO proud of you, though, and so glad that things are exciting and busy and fun. Looking forward to our Ohio Odyssey in Nov, and hoping it'll have slowed down a bit and we can see you then! You McCs sure seem to have taken to this whole business-owner thing just fiiiiine, bee tee dubs.

DeLine Family said...

Ah, ha! Found you! You managed to scoot out of Atlanta without a "bye y'all" from us...but you didn't get away from us by any means! You've officially been added to my google reader so whenever you get a chance to blog, I'll know about it! {Stalker-ish kinda, huh?} Sounds like things are really taking off up there! Good Luck & if you manage to get a vaca {wait, do you get those anymore?!?}, well you should let us know if you ever make it this way again! Tell Joshua HI from the DeLine's. We miss you but know y'all are loving it - as crazy as it seems! Best Wishes & God Bless!