Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love, Loss, and What We Ate

I arrived back in Atlanta a few days ago, just in time for a round of parties that have left us all strung out on love and refined sugar, my two drugs of choice. The decadence of the last 72 hours has been almost embarrassing, as we begin the long goodbye to a city we grew to love and the people who made it home for us. Sunday night was a big dinner with lots of friends, delicious grilled salmon, cheese grits and cold beer, with kids trading Legos and riding Big Wheels in the driveway and being generally adorable. Monday morning we all overslept AND had a Field Day lunch to pack-which can't be any old lunch, but instead, something SUPER special and only marginally healthy. We opted for a Whole Foods cheese calzone, giant chocolate chip cookie, and container of pomegranate seeds punctuated by the occasional blueberry. And of course, a pumpkin muffin for strength. Thirty dollars later, we were picnic-ready and Field Day was relatively hitch-free, despite some over-zealous knotting for the three-legged race which translated into my son being dragged up one side of the course and down the other and then of course, the tears. THE TEARS. We could barely transition to the passing-the-orange-under-the-chin game, which is really hard to cheer on. I heard someone yell to their son, "Come on, you've got a HUGE chin! You can do it!" I mean, do we really need to be feeding their Jay Leno complexes? Anyway. We made it to the water balloon toss and all was well. Monday night, another soiree, complete with lots of (happy) tears, snacks involving goat cheese, an outdoor fireplace, lights in the trees, and the kind of gracious host who has a supply of pashmina shawls to pass around after the sun goes down. I kind of wanted to stay there forever, but they ran out of cupcakes. You'd think I'd have been stuffed by then, but no-we decided last night was to be our last feast at Canton Cooks, the best Chinese hands-down, where they just kept bringing more food for the lazy susan and some of us kept eating it. They had me at hello with the Prawn Chips, but then when they put the Salt and Pepper Shrimp with jalapenos down RIGHT in front of me-something you can't get just anywhere--I really had to strike while the iron was hot with that one. Oh, and the expertly fried rice. By the time this afternoon rolled around it had ALL caught up with me and I was forced to lie down in a food coma for about 15 minutes, and what did I do with my leisure time? Read a cooking magazine. I know. I have no idea, either. It's like they don't make food in Ohio. Luckily, Joshua came home and had us all doing chores so our muscles wouldn't atrophy- thank goodness we sent the kids to bed at 6:15, or else I'm sure we would have eaten them.


Deborah said...

This might be my favorite post so far. I hereby order you to call me soon so I can feed you, too. With my oven broken, at least I can guarantee it won't be baked (for once).

Elizabeth said...

I'm in tears! This is SO funny!

michael moebes, esq. said...

I agree with Deb. Hope to see y'all soon.