Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Like a Garth Brooks Song

I am such the absentee blogger, I know, but I HAVE been working my arse off, literally and figuratively, with nary a moment to stop for meals, let alone some frivolous blog post. It’s make hay while the sun shines around here-weeding, watering, stocking, container designing-yesterday I finished the last custom planter from an order of thirteen, all ginormous, mostly Italian terra cotta and heavier than a dead priest. I’m super-relieved but a wee bit nervous as two of the arrangements kinda look like prom dresses from the 80’s, and that might not be what the customer wanted, although he used the term “showy”, which to me usually means one thing: The Bedazzler. Thank goodness I was able to restrain myself as I’m sure New Guinea Impatiens do not take well to rhinestones and grommets. Time will tell, I suppose, as the order is picked up in a few days. In any event, business is booming, in spite and maybe even because of the weather. Afternoon rains were forecasted all week, meaning the masses come out in droves to get material and get it in the ground before the showers start-kind of like stocking up on bread and milk before a blizzard. We have a mad rush in the morning, slow over lunch, then around three, a major downpour, no customers, and time to restock and fill custom orders. I actually like these kinds of days-the rain so loud on the roof-it’s a little terrifying, kind of exhilarating- but I haven’t experienced any lightning yet and I don’t know what the protocol is. Do we close up and go home? Ignore it? Hide under the re-potting table? I probably should find out because when it comes to electrical storms, you know I don’t mess. If anybody thinks I am going to stand there like a human lighting rod, they got the wrong girl. I can deal with thunder, even hail, but when the sky lights up right over my head, all my irrational thought processes kick it into overdrive and I am a hot mess. Case in point: the other evening in Atlanta, midway through my weekly Trader Joe's run, there was a thunderstorm straight out of the book of Revelations and although whilst purchasing all manner of pantry staples I remained fairly oblivious to the torrent outside, once I was paid up and bagged and in my car I LOST IT. The lightning was THIS CLOSE and I could barely see to drive, certain I'd be fried at any moment by a rogue bolt of electricity. I remembered how, as a little girl, walking home from the pool on a thundery afternoon I felt fairly confident that the Jellies on my feet (I had them in several colors) would protect me from being electrocuted-but NOW, I live a life without Jellies and in fact, left my go-to rubber-soled Diesel slip-ons at Viet Nails and am now, essentially, the aforementioned human lightning rod. I called my husband for moral support while simultaneously making myself as small as possible (thank you, Bear Grylls) which is kind of hard to do when you're driving, but inclement weather calls for, among other things, extreme flexibility. I made it home unscorched, grateful for my life in the same way I am after a plane lands safely. I'm really benevolent-saint-like, even, for about two hours. Anyway-I better get some Jellies for the greenhouse, is all I'm saying. Summer hasn't even started and the best storms are just getting warmed up.

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