Friday, May 22, 2009

A few weeks back, the school sent out an all-call to the parents of kids with summer birthdays-reminding us if we wanted to celebrate our child's special day before classes let out for the year, we could bring in a snack before recess and observe their "unbirthday"-a VERY important occasion in a six-year-old's life. I'm usually pretty low-key about this sort of thing, believing that the main point is the fame--your kid gets a little kindergarten glory and wears the birthday crown, maybe even gets to be the line leader instead of the dreaded caboose, although I'm pretty sure the caboose gets to turn out the light--and that, my friends is power. Anyway, my thoughts regarding the menu have been pretty simple-boxes of animal crackers one year, ice cream cups the next. Low cost, low fuss. This year, because of our move, all my baking stuff is either boxed or....elsewhere, and having only just returned from a three-week separation from said birthday boy, I experienced the following perfect storm of emotions: pressed for time/harried, guilt surrounding lack of domestic service, and love of cupcakes, with love of cupcakes being kind of an umbrella over those other two feelings--all this to say, I opted for a REAL birthday treat I knew would be somewhat lost on the indiscriminate palates of my son's classmates: two dozen vanilla/vanilla and vanilla/chocolate cupcakes from Little Cake Bakery complete with fondant flowers (a tribute to our greenhousing future ) on one half, and the ever-popular crushed oreos/gummy worm combo on the other half, because in kindergarten, gross is really where it's at. I picked them up today in the tiny little storefront in Buckhead...the space is so dear--very simply decorated, with a few cafe tables, a chandelier and just the right amount of less-is-more-cuteness. Of course, the deliciousness is beyond compare. ComPLETELY worth the price, especially since some kids were out sick today (hope it's not serious!) and there are enough cupcakes left for us each to have one for dessert tonight. The mini-celebration was sweet, with the typical birthday tune and optional "cha, cha, cha" my boy requested. He also asked for an additional blessing of the cupcakes, feeling that the lunch-time prayer was not sufficient for such bounty. I was really proud of him in that moment, because dang it, he may not have mastered all his sight words this year, but the child is thankful. Thankful. There was a short Q & A about the day he was born, during which he told a story about how when he was a baby I used to tie him up with string so he wouldn't cry. (?) And that's when I made my getaway, just as the DFACS paddywagon pulled up.

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