Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm taking great pains to word this carefully, in the hope it doesn't sound like a resignation letter--but I keep coming back to "After much deliberation, I regret to inform you..." which, now that I think of it, reminds me of a certain bit of correspondence I got in fifth grade from Stone Soup regretting to inform me that the poem I wrote about my grandmother's attic was NOT going to be published in their children's literary magazine. To which I say, joke's on you, suckas 'cause my grandma didn't have an attic anyway; she lived in a mobile home in Florida. So anyway, I guess even then, the sentiment wasn't resignation as much as rejection, as in State of Georgia, we reject you and your balmy Februaries, your traffic jams, your dogwood trees and sweet tea. My husband and I are taking to I-75 and not stopping until we get there-Ohio, land of sub-zero temperatures and free babysitting. In a crazy moment of exTREME confidence that I pinky swear was not fueled by any illegal substances, we decided to go all Robert Frost on everyone and leave this beautiful place, our home for the last eight years, where I birthed (okay they were c-sections) my children and fell more in love with my husband. Atlanta-home of the Big Chicken, a recession-proof job, the best Goodwill on earth, and a boatload of friends who have loved me even at my most unlovable. We are taking the second road- bought a greenhouse, farm, and seven acres...yes we may have chickens, no I won't be sewing my own clothes. ComPLETE change, all around-terrifying, exciting, overwhelming. June 1st. More details to come, for now I have to solve a crisis involving an entire bag of M&M's, a plastic teapot of water, and a certain three-year old. xoxo

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Whipstitch said...

You WILL be sewing your own clothes. I'll see to that.